Private Instruction

Reality Defense, Inc. recognizes the need for everyone to be comfortable and focused in a training environment. Some students want to train with a group of family and friends, while others are looking for more one-on-one interaction. Regardless of your desire, contact Reality Defense and set up a custom class. Your class can include everything from Unarmed Self-Protection to Firearms.

These classes can be to better protect yourself or loved ones, or to prepare your child for his/her first trip away from home. Maybe you’re wanting to build confidence in your child, or reward someone for a job well done. No matter your reason, Reality Defense, Inc. will work with you to design a special course of instruction to meet the needs of your business, employee’s, family, or friends.

RDI4Head Instructor: David Presley

David’s background in law enforcement, 2 international missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, and passion to teach, will compliment the active surrounding you will experience.  As a certified NRA instructor, Concealed Handgun instructor, and Defensive Tactics instructor, David will share his knowledge and experience with you and your group in ways you will not soon forget.


Cost: $65 per shooter, per class

Call 254-977-4473 or email for more details or to get your program started today!

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