License To Carry (CHL-100)

Don’t Be A Victim
This course is for those who wish to possess a Texas License To Carry. See Texas DPS website for LTC qualifications. The course is a 5-6 hour class that contains all necessary testing and qualifications under a licensed instructor.  Upon successful completion the student will receive the required CHL-100 form for licensing.

You must pre-register by email or phone to attend a scheduled class.
If a class is not scheduled, put together a group of 5 or more and call David for your class date! Be specific which date your group would like to attend class – Pleasanton – and two weeks notice is required to ensure your class a slot on the calendar.
Arrive 5 minutes early to class to complete forms and review training schedule for the day. As a general rule, class starts at 8:00am and concludes at 2:00pm.
Pre-registration is required a minimum of 24 hours in advance for scheduled classes – seats are limited.
Fingerprints are not included.

Minimum Experience:
Students must be proficient with the handgun. Although this course covers basic handgun shooting and operation, it is not designed for new handgun shooters. If you’re new to handguns, it is recommended to attend a basic handgun class prior to the License To Carry course. Call David to set up your basic handgun class 254-977-4473.

Minimum Required Equipment:
Handgun for qualification, can be a revolver or semi-auto, minimum .32 caliber. Minimum 50 rounds of appropriate ammunition and magazines/speed loaders (100 rounds recommended). Eye and ear protection and a valid license or identification required.

Program Price: $100 per person

*Minimum class size (5), Maximum class size (10).

**Call 254-977-4473 or email if you have any questions or issues with pre-registration

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