Unarmed Self-Protection Training

Don’t Be A Victim
Unarmed Self-Protection Training is a series of classes designed to learn and practice fundamental self-protection techniques. Each class is a minimum of one hour long and designed to build upon skills developed as you progress through the training classes.


  • > USP 1 – Striking Techniques
  • > USP 2 – Pressure Point Control Tactics
  • > USP 3 – Escapes
  • > USP 4 – Ground Defense #1
  • > USP 5 – Ground Defense #2
  • > USP 6 – Pepper Spray Techniques
  • > USP 7 – “Breaking Things”
  • > USP 8 – Multiple Opponents
  • > USP 9 – Disarming Techniques
  • > USP 10 – Combo Class * Occurs once a month

Minimum Required Equipment (for all courses): 
Comfortable clothing, mouthpiece, water, and personal protection equipment dependent on class – hand wraps, pre-wrap and athletic tape, bag gloves, head/face protection

Cost: $30 per shooter, per class

*Pre-registration required but no prerequisites for participation in this course

**Minimum class size (4), Maximum class size (10).


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