Vehicle Rapid Response Course June 29-30

The Vehicle Rapid Response Course is an advanced shooting course meant to teach its attendees a practical course of action to ambush type encounters. The course will provide instruction on the composition of an ambush and will reinforce the tactics taught for prevention of such an attack.
Past prevention, the practical application portion combines live fire techniques with fast moving tactics meant to allow the operator to function solo or as a team member during an attack. This course concentrates on fighting from a vehicle and adds the elements of live fire while working with a partner during drills.
With the rise in assaults on Law Enforcement personnel, this course will spotlight actionable tactics meant to help you survive these deadly encounters.
Class Requirements: Class restricted to law enforcement and must show credentials.

Course Cost: $265.00

Contact Law Enforcement (TCOLE) Instructor: J. Noriega 210-324-5233 for details.