FML Pistol


Flat ranges and line drills don’t exist in the real world. Things can, will, and do go wrong. Why? Because murphy is a bitch. This course dives into techniques, methods, and skills used when things ultimately go sideways. This course will help you test and develop methods and build yourself as a more confident shooter.

Topics Covered:

Speed building

Multiple target engagement

Moving engagements

Single hand manipulation
Single hand draw techniques

Single hand reloading
Single hand malfunction considerations

Unconventional shooting positions

The training will culminate into drills that require the student to solve complex problems. This course requires moderate physical activity and the participant should be in decent physical condition

Necessary Equipment:

Semi-auto pistol of 9mm or larger caliber

3x magazines

500 rounds ammunition

Quality belt with strong side OWB or appendix holster

Comfortable clothing (weather appropriate)

Eye and Ear protection

Water, snacks, bug spray and sun block

Course Info

Student cap: 10

Location: RDI Training Center

Class Time: 0900-1700

Cost: $205.00

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NOVEMBER 19, 2022