Foundational Shotgun


Our Foundation Shotgun Course is an entry level course designed to build a sound foundation with a shotgun and understand its capabilities and limitations in a defensive application.  This course will cover multiple aspects of the shotgun as a home defense/personal defense platform.  Topics covered will range from classroom discussion of weapons safety, history, platform and ammunition considerations and application as well as live fire drills designed to make the shooter more confident and comfortable with the platform.  Whether new to the platform or already familiar with the shotgun, you will leave with a better understanding and more confidence with the weapon.

Topics Covered:

Marksmanship fundamentals
Proper presentation techniques

Loading/unloading procedures


Follow on shots

Weapon manipulation

Shotgun set up

Gear & equipment set up

Duty/carry ammo Considerations

Stance & posture

Safety conditions

Common shotgun malfunctions

Necessary Equipment:

A working shotgun (12 or 20 gauge)

Ammo- 100 birdshot, 10 buck, 10 slug

Eye and ear protection

Weather appropriate clothing


Comfortable clothing (weather appropriate)

Eye and Ear protection

Water, snacks, bug spray and sun block

Course Info

Student cap: 10

Location: RDI Training Center

Class Time: 0900-1700

Cost: $170.00