Performance Carbine


Our Performance Pistol Course focuses on the manipulation & performance application of pistol shooting. This course pushes shooters outside their comfort levels to build efficiency in the manipulation that breeds speed in engagement of their weapon system. This course is all building practical accuracy at speed. This course will teach you the steps and provide you with the knowledge necessary to build a confident shooter.

Topics Covered:

Performance on demand Efficiency in presentation techniques

Speed building

Understanding recoil

Engagement speed development

Multiple target engagement

Efficient movement

Moving engagements

Strong and support side
Efficiency in malfunctions considerations

Necessary Equipment:

Carbine 3x magazines

500 rounds ammunition

Quality belt with Magazine pouches

Comfortable clothing (weather appropriate)

Eye and Ear protection

Water, snacks, bug spray and sun block

Course Info

Student cap: 10

Location: RDI Training Center

Class Time: 0900-1700

Cost: $185.00