Vehicle Rapid Response Course

The Vehicle Rapid Response Course (Patrol) is an advanced shooting course meant to teach its attendees a practical course of action to ambush type encounters. The course will provide instruction on the composition of an ambush and reinforces the tactics taught for prevention of an ambush. Past prevention, the practical application combines live fire techniques with fast moving tactics meant to allow the operator to function solo or as a team member during such an attack. This course IS NOT a Vehicle Assault Course; the RDI V.A.C. course will be found under tactical training in the near future. This course concentrates on fighting from a vehicle and is eligible for 16 hours of TCOLE credit.

Topics Covered:
Composition of an ambush
Cartel Tactics
Barricade shooting
Ground fighting
Team movements
Fighting from a vehicle
Necessary Equipment:
Duty Pistol x3 magazines
300 rnds Pistol
Patrol Duty Equipment
Eye and ear protection
Cleaning equipment


Student Cap: 12
Location: RDI Training Center
Class Time: 0800-1700
Cost: $265.00