About RDI

Reality Defense is a reality based defensive training facility. We use real-life scenarios and proven techniques to give students the building blocks necessary to protect themselves and their loved ones. No matter your age, gender or skill level Reality Defense will modify its programs to meet the needs of you and your situation so that there is no compromise in your ability to confidently, legally, and efficiently refuse to be a victim.

Reality Defense’s matrix system uses a simple approach, utilizing defensive tactics, building upon a consistent platform, whether covering unarmed self-protection, pistol, AR/carbine, or shotgun… to enable successful engagement in force-on-force survival situations.

Ask yourself these questions:
  1. Does your self-protection training reflect your daily routines?
  2. Is your concealed handgun practice practical to your everyday life?
  3. Do you take time to consider the best times to shop, where to park in a parking lot or where to sit while dining out?
  4. After escaping a choke hold from an opponent, what do you do next?
  5. If you’re protecting your family or friends in a “bad” situation, do they know what to do or how to respond?
These are the types of real, every-day scenarios that we integrate into our training programs at Reality Defense. There’s too much at stake for you to be unprepared.


David Presley – Chief Instructor (2010-Present)
Currently serving as Chief Instructor of Reality Defense Inc., is David Presley. He has a long resume of 20 years experience in law enforcement, military service, deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, plus additional services in the private contractor.

His experience includes Patrol, K-9, SWAT, CID, FTO, Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor- PPCT and GST, and in 2004 attained the position of Chief of Police in Hico Texas before deploying for his country. He additionally served as the Director of the Scurry County S.T.A.R. Juvenile Boot Camp Program as Senior Drill Instructor and Director.

Simultaneously, his military career began with the US Marine Corps at Camp Pendleton. During this time, David was awarded PFC for leadership skills in Basic Training for performance. He also received the Rifle Expert Badge. He continued his service to our country in two separate tours of duty. First, in 2005, Presley deployed to Baghdad, Iraq as a member of an Explosives Detection unit (K9). This mission was followed up by deploying to Afghanistan in 2006, as a Mobile Training Team Lead in Eastern regions of the country-Pakistan Border.

David holds many Instructor certifications including NRA Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun, In Home Protection, Out of Home Protection, and Range Safety. He is certified in Pressure Point Control Tactics (PPCT), Gracie Survival Tactics (GST), and a Texas Concealed Handgun License Instructor. Presley is also a licensed Personal Protection Instructor.

Presley has been recognized and awarded Officer of the Month nine times, and Officer of the Year, twice. He holds a certificate of Merit by the Hardin Simmons University Police Department, and achieved the Archangel Award from US Tactical K9 Academy. Most recently, he received an award from the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office for Dedicated Service.

Presley has an incredible ability to make any person, regardless of age or gender, feel confident in learning the skills of RDI. He is passionate about his teaching, and he tailor-makes his classes to fit the needs of his audience. Collectively, this passion and Presley’s experiences, certifications and awards equip him with the necessary tools to cultivate RDI, an environment of situational awareness, skills, security, leadership and competence.

John Hughes – Owner & Instructor
John Hughes is a successful businessman who owns and operates Reality Defense, Inc. and JW Hughes Excavation.

John’s history with firearms and firearms training is extensive ranging from competitive shooting to “opening day” of each hunting season. John is an NRA instructor for Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, In Home Protection, Out of Home Protection, and Range Safety.  He has also been involved with 4H shooting programs with area youth.

John is a qualified expert in Firearms Marksmanship, Archery, and Ropes (repelling, rock climbing, and urban rope usage). He is a life member of NRA, Texas Trophy Hunter, and Texas State Rifle Association.