Beyond Active Shooter

Advanced Training for Law Enforcement and Civilian Staff

The Beyond Active Shooter course is an advanced training program designed for both law enforcement professionals and civilians. This two-day course offers intensive, scenario-based training aimed at enhancing preparedness and response strategies during active shooter situations.

Key Objectives:
Enhance coordination and response capabilities of law enforcement in active shooter scenarios.
Equip civilians with essential medical response skills and situational awareness.
Foster a collaborative environment for law enforcement and civilians, emphasizing the importance of teamwork during crisis situations.
The first day is a dynamic, fast-paced session focusing on the fundamentals of active shooter response for up to 25 law enforcement students. Participants will engage in comprehensive training that spans from the initial response to the critical phase of evacuation. The training aims to refine skills, decision-making, and tactical responses essential in the first phase of an active shooter scenario.

Day two will include the initial 25 officer from day one and up to thirty participants comprised on civilians from the community and organization hosting the course. During the second day, all attendees will receive trauma first aid training and participate in several scenarios meant to test and enhance not only law enforcement but also civilian response to active shooter incidents.
This course offers a unique opportunity for law enforcement and civilians to train together, preparing them for the realities of active shooter situations and ensuring a coordinated, effective response.

Course Information:

Maximum students per class day 1: 25 LEOs
Day 2: Same 25 LEOs plus up to 40 civilians
Class Time: 0900-1700.
Course Fee: $5300.00 (one time payment by host)

Training Location Aids:

Classroom to accommodate 65 students
Audio/Visual equipment
Training building with hallways and rooms, able to simulate a commercial structure or school




Mobile Training Team (MTT)

First Aid




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