Beyond Stop the Bleed

This course goes beyond the objectives of the nationally recognized Stop the Bleed® program and prepares the individual to respond and/or to increase their own chances of survival in a natural disaster. Whether natural or manmade these events threaten our lives, those of our loved ones and the safety of our communities. This course gives the student the understanding and skill set to properly assess for life threatening injuries and to treat the same during and after a disaster event. Although these programs began with active shooter incidents in mind, these life saving steps can be utilized in field type conditions, traffic catastrophes, construction environments, etc. The student may choose to register for both modules or their choice of Module I (4 hrs) or Module II (4 hrs).
Module I focuses on patient assessment and hemorrhage control and provides the student with a CAT tourniquet upon completion.
Module II focuses on airway management, various wound dressings, hypothermia management and movement and provides the student with a basic air sealed Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK).