defensive shotgun operator

RDI San Antonio

Running a shotgun is a user intensive process. This course is designed around learning to run the shotgun more efficiently and effectively. The student will come out of this course with a better understanding of how to effectively utilize the shotgun in a lethal encounter and how to keep it running in a prolonged fight. Through a series of live fire range drills, the student will gain proficiency and confidence in utilizing the shotgun in a multitude of applications.

Topics Covered

Presentation of the weapon “On Target”
Tactical and Combat Loading
Ammunition Change Over
Positional Shooting
Shooting from Cover
Extended Range Engagements
Movement Drills
Complex Application Drills

Necessary Equipment

Range & weather appropriate clothing
Eye & Hearing Protection
Working Shotgun (Pump or Semi-Auto)
Ammunition minimums- 60 Bird/60 Buck/60 Slug
Ammunition carrier (Side-saddle, stock pouch, belt pouch, etc.)
Water, snacks, sun screen, bug spray

Time: 0830-1630
Number of seats: 12
Price: 175.00