combative rifle

TCOLE # 3342  16 HRS

Advance Engagement and Dynamic Response Rifle Operator

The Combative Rifle Course is a comprehensive program meticulously designed to encompass a vast array of advanced shooting techniques and dynamic response strategies tailored for rifle use. This training ensures officers are adeptly equipped to navigate complex tactical scenarios, covering malfunction resolutions, multiple target engagement, and swift threat responses while in motion. Participants are introduced to barricade navigation, unconventional shooting stances, and a variety of engagement strategies across different distances, all while wielding a rifle.

The course also incorporates vehicle-based tactics, positional shooting, and coordinated bounding techniques in partnership with another officer, ensuring a thorough understanding and proficiency in each aspect of rifle handling and tactical response. A significant emphasis is placed on shooting accuracy, fluid movement, and the practical application of the Survival Stress Response throughout the training. This balanced focus guarantees that participants grasp the advanced techniques at their disposal and can effectively apply them under pressure. The Combative Rifle Training course is an invaluable asset for law enforcement personnel aiming to master complex tactical situations with their rifles. It thoroughly prepares participants for real-world operations, ensuring they possess the advanced skills, adaptability, and precision necessary to excel in high-stakes environments.

Student will need:

Rifle w/3 rifle mags

600 rounds rifle ammunition

Pistol w/3 pistol mags

100 rounds pistol ammunition

Plate Carrier

Patrol Based Equipment (Optional)

Eye and hearing protection

Clothing appropriate for the weather

Food and water

Audience: Patrol Officer/Tactical Officer                     

Price:  $355.00 

Training Location Aids

 Classroom to accommodate 20 students

Audio/Visual equipment

Live fire range to accommodate minimum of 10 targets simultaneously, and max 100 yard shooting distance

Live fire range training aids are barricades and vehicles




Mobile Training Team (MTT)

First Aid




RDI Range Fee
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