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Advance Low Light Operations TCOLE #3327

Event Date:

January 23, 2024

Event Time:

14H 00min

The Advanced Low Light Pistol Course is a specialized progression for law enforcement personnel, elevating basic low light capabilities to expert operational readiness for scenarios with minimal lighting. This course refines and expands upon foundational low light training, focusing on the nuanced use of flashlights and weapon-mounted lights alongside refined marksmanship under duress. Officers learn to adapt their visual acuity and shooting accuracy to the challenging conditions of dimly lit environments, honing skills that surpass standard low light training. Techniques for controlling light spill, managing shadows, and employing light as both a navigational aid and a tactical advantage are drilled extensively. Beyond fundamental low light techniques, this course introduces complex drills that emphasize tactical decision-making with a flashlight in hand, shoot/no-shoot discernment, and the safe identification of targets with limited information. Training scenarios replicate the unpredictability of real-world nighttime operations, pushing officers to apply their skills in dynamic, high-stress situations. By integrating advanced tactics with critical thinking and scenario-based training, officers completing this course are not just responding to low light conditions but strategically managing and manipulating them to maintain the upper hand in operations, ensuring they’re prepared to meet the demands of any low light encounter with confidence and skill.

Student will need:

Pistol with mounted weapon light

Three pistol magazines

250 rounds ammunition

Holster with retention that supports the pistol weapon mounted light

Magazine carrier/pouch

Eye and hearing protection

Clothing appropriate for the weather Food and water

*Recommend using duty belt or any issued gear

Visit the AACOG website here for more information and registration

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