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Tactical Shield TCOLE #3390 8 hrs

Event Date:

May 6, 2024

Event Time:

08H 00min

Tactical Shield for Patrol – Equip Yourself for Modern Policing Challenges

In today’s rapidly evolving law enforcement landscape, tactical shields aren’t just for specialized units anymore. Patrol officers are increasingly turning to these shields as an essential tool in their daily duties, marking a significant shift in modern policing techniques. Equip yourself with vital skills in our Tactical Shields for Patrol Course. Dive deep into the intricacies of shield use, ensuring you’re not only equipped with the tool but also adept in maximizing its potential.

Harness the shield’s advantages, comprehend its limitations, and amplify your response capabilities in volatile situations. Our comprehensive curriculum covers a range of scenarios, from varied call responses and effective shield deployment to coordinated officer movements. The live-fire segment of our course instills confidence in an officer’s skills to effectively handle lethal situations while utilizing a ballistic shield for personal protection.

Remember, as law enforcement officers, it’s not enough to merely possess equipment; it’s our responsibility to be proficient in its application. As tactical shields become a mainstay in patrol settings, ensuring you are well-versed in their use isn’t just an option—it’s a duty. Don’t miss this opportunity to stand at the forefront of modern policing and to fulfill your commitment to safety and effectiveness.

Some of the topics covered during this course:

  • Understanding Shield Dynamics: Grasp the advantages and limitations of tactical shields.
  • Call Responses: Learn effective strategies for deploying the shield across different types of calls.
  • Live Fire Employment: Dispel myths and reinforce the necessary tactics necessary during lethal encounters.
  • Best Practices: Receive hands-on instruction for maintaining and storing your tactical shield.

Top of Form

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your skillset and contribute to the overall excellence of your agency. Failure to have proper training in patrol equipment use could result in legal ramifications, putting both officers and agencies at risk. Contact us at info@realitydefense.net to learn more about our training courses and visit the AACOG website to register your seat on our Tactical Shield Course.

Student will need:

Rifle (optional)

Three pistol magazines and three Rifle magazines
100 rifle (optional)/200 pistol ammunition
Holster with retention
Magazine carrier/pouch
Eye and hearing protection
Agency issued shield if possible
Clothing appropriate for the weather Food and water

Visit the AACOG website here for more information and registration

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