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Patrol Based Hostage Rescue

Event Date:

September 20, 2023

Event Time:

08H 00min

Understanding that volatile situations are not the sole responsibility of tactical units, this course is designed for patrol officers who may be called upon to respond to a hostage situation. The goal is to provide officers with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully resolve a hostage situation at the non-SWAT team level.

Through a combination of classroom instruction and practical exercises, participants will learn about the dynamics of hostage situations, the importance of effective communication, and the tactics and techniques used in hostage rescue.

The course will cover topics such as risk assessment, team organization and deployment, negotiation techniques, and rescue procedures. Participants will also learn how to work effectively with other agencies, such as crisis negotiators and tactical teams, to coordinate a successful resolution.
This training is critical for patrol officers who may be the first responders to a hostage situation. By gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to respond effectively, officers will be better equipped to protect the public, the hostages, and themselves.

Overall, this course will provide participants with the tools and strategies needed to successfully resolve a hostage situation at the non-SWAT team level and will help officers build confidence and competence in their response to critical incidents.

Student necessities:

  • Patrol based gear
  • Duty pistol w/3 magazines
  • 200 rounds pistol
  • Duty rifle w/3 magazines (optional)
  • Minimum 50 rounds rifle (non-green tip)
  • Patrol based tactical equipment
  • Tactical Shield and Breaching equipment if issued

Location: RDI Training Facility
980 Humble Camp Rd
Pleasanton, TX 78064
Price: $385.00
*Eligible TCOLE Credit: 24 hours
*RDI is not a TCOLE Provider and Officers must report all training through their reporting agency


Refunds will only be made if a class is postponed or cancelled by RDI. If a student cannot attend the class they signed up for, they will be given a half credit to another class of comparable value.  No-shows without prior notice will not be given any such credit. Student substitutions will not be allowed due to an individual’s inability to attend a registered class.

Class transfer credit will only be done for one class transfer maximum.  RDI reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

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