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Red Dot Sight (RDS) Course TCOLE #2529

Event Date:

February 13, 2024

Event Time:

08H 00min

RDS Course for Law Enforcement: Elevate Your Skills and Readiness

More and more agencies are moving towards incorporating RDS systems as standard issue for patrol officers. Being proficient in the use of these systems not only keeps you in line with the evolving standards but also reduces agency and personal liability by demonstrating a commitment to using the most effective and accurate equipment available. For experienced officers, adapting to new technologies can be a leap, but it’s crucial for remaining effective in an evolving field. For newer officers, starting off with an understanding of current technologies lays the groundwork for a successful career.

The Positives of the RDS System vs. Traditional Iron Sights

  1. Target Focus:
    Traditional iron sights require alignment of both front and rear sights, which splits your focus. With RDS, your attention remains on the threat, facilitating quicker and more accurate target acquisition.
  2. Situational Awareness:
    RDS offers a less obstructed field of view than iron sights, allowing for a comprehensive situational understanding and quicker decision-making.
  3. Streamlined Learning:
    Iron sights require substantial training. RDS systems are more intuitive and take less time to master—great for newer officers.
  4. Versatility:
    RDS performs consistently in various lighting conditions, giving you an advantage in diverse operational scenarios

What’s Included in the Course?

  • RDS Zeroing:
    Hands-on instruction for calibrating your red dot for optimal performance.
  • Maintenance:
    Learn proper upkeep to ensure reliability and longevity of your RDS system.
  • Nomenclature:
    Get to know the terms and tech behind the RDS system, boosting your operational efficacy.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your skillset and contribute to the overall excellence of your agency. Failure to have proper training in firearm use could result in legal ramifications, putting both officers and agencies at risk. Contact us at info@realitydefense.net to learn more about our training courses and visit the AACOG website to register your seat on our RDS Course.


Student will need:

Pistol with a slide mounted optic

Three magazines

Ammunition – 250 rounds pistol

Holster with retention that supports the Red Dot Optics (RDS)

Magazine carrier/pouch

Eye and hearing protection

Clothing appropriate for the weather

Food and water

*Recommend using duty belt or any issued gear


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