Mobile Training Team (MTT)

First Aid




RDI Range Fee

Somerset ISD In-Service Agency Exclusive

Event Date:

July 31, 2023

Event Time:

08H 30min

Experience comprehensive and specialized training for your school district police department with our tailored program designed to enhance the preparedness and response capabilities of your LE/security personnel. Our training covers four essential areas: firearms proficiency, trauma first aid, mechanical breaching, and active shooter response. Through our program, your LE/security teams will acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively handle crisis situations that may arise within your educational community.

In our firearms training module, participants receive comprehensive instruction on safe firearm handling, tactical shooting techniques, and decision-making under high-pressure scenarios. This empowers your security personnel to respond confidently and efficiently to potential threats, ensuring the safety of students, staff, and visitors.

Our trauma first aid training equips LE/security teams with life-saving skills, including bleeding control, wound management, and emergency medical care. This enables them to provide immediate and effective assistance to injured individuals, increasing the chances of survival during critical incidents.

Additionally, our mechanical breaching training provides essential knowledge and hands-on experience in breaching doors, windows, and other barriers. This empowers your LE/security personnel to swiftly gain access or create exit points during emergency situations, ensuring a rapid response and effective evacuation.

Finally, our active shooter response training takes place in various realistic locations found within school districts, enabling participants to train in environments similar to their own. Through immersive scenarios and practical exercises, LE/security personnel develop the necessary skills to respond swiftly and decisively, minimizing harm and maximizing the safety of everyone on campus.

Choose our training program to equip your police department with the skills and expertise needed to effectively handle emergencies. Contact us at info@realitydefense.net today to schedule this comprehensive training and ensure the safety and security of your educational community.

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