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RDI Range Fee

Veteran’s Gun Club Event

Event Date:

February 18, 2024

Event Time:

14H 00min

Warning Order:

RDI will have its first meet and greet for its future Veteran’s Gun Club. The event will consist of introductions, club intent and active shooting bays. This is an evolving event and details will be updated through the RDI FB page. Below are is some information useful to you:

Gear list:

-Water and Electrolytes
-Rifle/Pistol (no shotguns, pistols MUST be holstered when not firing, and holsters must be made of Kydex or high quality leather free from wear that may cause a Negligent discharge when conducting drills. Rifles must have a retention device, or be tabled when not firing)
-Ammo (NO m855 or steel core, NO tracers, NO incendiary rounds, NO calibers larger than .338 or .44 mag respective to rifle and pistol)
-Any gear you wish to train with, within reason (nothing that obstructs vision such as Viking helmets, military or police issue gas masks OK within advanced range), plate carriers and chest rigs OK
-Medical gear- (ONLY serviceable tourniquets black in color from “North American Rescue” are permitted on the range, medical response is not to be conducted by anyone except EMT, RN or range staff)
-Close toed shoes
-Eye and ear pro (prefer z87 and noise canceling electronic ear protection)
-Warm layers
-Gloves as desired (keep in mind cold may affect dexterity, and present a safety hazard)
-Dress appropriately for weather (or don’t, just don’t complain 😉)
-Rain gear/Snivel gear (blanket, shooting pad, etc)
-Extra socks
-Baby wipes (not for use in bathrooms, use to sanitize after exposure to lead…or used in bathrooms)
-Small towel
-Gun lube (WD-40 or similar is not approved)

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.
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