Linear Vehicle Stops Takedowns

TCOLE #6030 16HRS

Officers and units tasked with the crucial responsibility of tracking and apprehending violent offenders need a comprehensive arsenal of tactics at their disposal. Recognizing that traditional traffic and felony stops may not always suffice, it is imperative for teams to be prepared to assertively confront suspects with a commanding presence, aiming to safely control the situation. 

The Linear Vehicle Takedown course is meticulously designed to equip law enforcement personnel with advanced strategies to seize a suspect at moments of vulnerability, optimizing conditions to minimize the risk to civilians and officers alike. Participants in this course will master a third, critical option in conducting traffic stops, ensuring all tactics and procedures (TTPs) remain firmly within legal boundaries. 

Course Content Highlights: 

  1. Mastering the Takedown: Learn the ins and outs of executing a linear vehicle takedown, focusing on timing, coordination, and safety. 
  1. Tactical Advantages: Understand how to leverage the suspect’s vulnerability to your advantage while minimizing danger to the public and officers. 
  1. Legal and Ethical Considerations: Ensure all TTPs align with legal standards, maintaining integrity and accountability in high-stakes situations. 
  1. Real-World Application: Engage in practical scenarios that translate learned strategies into actionable skills, ready for immediate implementation in the field.

Student will need:

Pistol w/3 pistol mags

150 pistol ammunition

Patrol based equipment

Eye and hearing protection

Clothing appropriate for the weather

Food and water

Audience: Tactical Officer

Price: $355.00

Training Location Aids

Classroom to accommodate 20 students

Audio/Visual equipment

Live fire range to accommodate vehicle live fire

Open area training location to maneuver vehicles




Mobile Training Team (MTT)

First Aid




RDI Range Fee
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