TCOLE#6014 16HRS

Strategies and Skills for Effective Close Quarter Engagements

The Law Enforcement Patrol Based Close Quarter Battle (CQB) course is meticulously crafted to provide a comprehensive understanding and mastery of critical skills essential for high-risk environments, focusing on successful operations in confined spaces.


  1. Course Content Highlights: 
  2. Decision Making Process Involving CQB: Participants will navigate through a series of complex scenarios, designed to sharpen their decision-making skills specifically tailored to close quarter environments. 
  3. Fundamentals of CQB: The course provides an exhaustive exploration of the foundational principles of close quarter battle.
  4. Room Processing and Dissecting: Mastery in CQB demands proficiency in room processing and dissecting. 
  5. Stronghold Intelligence: Gathering and utilizing intelligence is critical when dealing with strongholds. 
  6. Situational Tactics: The course equips officers with a variety of situational tactics, ensuring they have the right tools and strategies at their disposal for any given scenario. Participants will learn to adapt their approach based on the environment, threat level, and available resources, enhancing their effectiveness in the field. 

Through rigorous training and practical application, the Law Enforcement Patrol-Based CQB course ensures that participants leave capable of excelling in the most challenging of situations.

Student will need:

Patrol based Equipment

Simunition Equipment (pistol or rifle)

100 round marking ammunition

Clothing appropriate for the weather

Food and water

Audience: Patrol Officer/Tactical Officer

Price: $385.00 

Training Location Aids 

Classroom to accommodate 20 students

Training environment to simulate commercial and residential strongholds




Mobile Training Team (MTT)

First Aid




RDI Range Fee
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