Tactical Shield – Solo Operator Course

TCOLE #3823 16 HRS

The Tactical Shield Solo Operator Course is designed to ensure that patrol officers are not just equipped with tactical shields but are also proficient in maximizing their potential for a range of law enforcement scenarios. Our course delves into the practical applications of tactical shields, teaching officers to harness their advantages, understand their limitations, and enhance their response capabilities in high-pressure situations. Participants will engage in a comprehensive learning experience, covering everything from varied call responses and effective shield deployment to coordinated movements amongst officers. Key aspects of the curriculum include a live-fire segment, providing officers with the confidence and skills needed to navigate lethal situations while utilizing a ballistic shield for personal protection. The course emphasizes that possession of equipment alone is not sufficient; proficiency in its use is paramount.


Course Content Overview:


  1. Understanding Shield Dynamics: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the tactical shield’s capabilities and limitations. 
  1. Live Fire Employment: Engage in practical exercises that debunk myths and reinforce essential tactics for lethal encounters. 
  1. Call Responses: Develop strategies for effective shield deployment across various scenarios.

Student will need:

Pistol w/3 pistol mags

100 pistol ammunition

Rifle w/3 rifle mags (optional)

100 rifle (optional)

Patrol based equipment

Eye and hearing protection

Agency issued shield if issued

Clothing appropriate for the weather

Food and water

Audience: Patrol Officer/Tactical Officer

Price: $450.00

Training Location Aids

Classroom to accommodate 20 students

Audio/Visual equipment

Live fire range to accommodate minimum of 10 targets simultaneously

One training structure with hallway and 8 doorways




Mobile Training Team (MTT)

First Aid




RDI Range Fee
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