TCOLE Firearms Instructor


Responsibly training new students and seasoned officers in all aspects of firearms training is of utmost importance. This course will help you develop the additional knowledge, skills, and techniques needed to organize and teach firearm courses. You will learn to diagnose and correct student weaknesses, analyze and score targets, design and run courses of fire, and properly document police firearms training:  You will be able to develop and implement comprehensive firearms training programs. On top of all that you will come out of this course with a better skillset and how to continually improve as a shooter and as an instructor

This course meets Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) requirements Firearms Instructor Course #2222.


Must have a TCOLE instructor certification;  

Participants must pass the TCOLE Firearms instructor qualification course on the first day of class;  

(There will be no refunds for any candidate dismissed for failure to meet the minimum firearms qualification)

Topics Covered:

Applying firearms safety and liability issues
Designing courses of fire
Identifying and correcting shooter problems
Teaching the fundamentals of shooting
Understanding firing range operations and firearms instructor duties

Necessary Equipment:

Hearing protection
Wrap around eye protection
Semi-automatic pistol with three magazines 750 rounds
AR platform rifle with 2 magazines 100 rounds
12 gauge shotgun 50 00buck, 20 rifled slug, 5 bean bag (if available)
Duty belt, flashlight, magazine holder, and appropriate holsters for semi-automatic pistol
Durable clothes for outdoor range activities including foul weather
Gun cleaning supplies appropriate for their weapons
Note taking material

Course Info

Student cap: 10

Location: RDI Training Center

Class Time: 0900-1700

Cost: $475.00