Defensive Carbine


The Defensive Carbine Course concentrates on self and home defense (classroom portion) and focuses on the close quarter application of shooting Carbines and teaches shooters how to effectively defend themselves by developing their shooting fundamentals at close distances.

Topics Covered:

Zero considerations

Close quarter engagements
Defensive movement
Effective engagement zones
Weapons retention
Development of a hard target mindset
Unconventional sighting

Picking a defensive carbine  


Importance of proper gear and clothing

Post engagement Considerations and dealing with Law Enforcement Officers

Necessary Equipment:

Carbine x3 magazinesMagazine pouches
400 rounds ammunition
Comfortable Clothing
Eye and Ear protection
Water, snacks and sunblock
Student Cap: 10
Location: RDI Training Center
Class Time: 8 hours

Course Info

Student cap: 10

Location: RDI Training Center

Class Time: 0900-1700

Cost: $165.00


NOVEMBER 19, 2022